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Magnetic material automatic hydraulic press beszin-007

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Blank punching and shaping of various aluminum and magnesium alloy die-casting products, trimming of plastic products; also suitable for forming plastic materials such as blanking, stretching, embossing, etc., and pressing of plastic and powder products, etc. Kind of uses. The most widely used in the automobile and motorcycle accessories industry;

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Magnetic material automatic hydraulic press

1. Overview of the magnetic material press:

Fully automatic magnetic material forming hydraulic press is mainly used for the mass production of high-performance rare earth bonded permanent magnet products. It is also the most ideal forming equipment for various types of precision powder components. The main machine is a high-precision guide rail frame type and a concave mold floating structure. , Upper and lower cylinder hydraulic unit. The structure is compact, the center of gravity of the equipment is low, and the equipment has high stability, rigidity and precision. The most notable feature of the hydraulic system is that when the product is pressed, the upper cylinder reaches a certain pressing pressure before the lower cylinder can move for two-way pressing, so as to ensure that the product has a uniform pressing density and produce high-performance products. And has the function of protecting and releasing.
Servo energy-saving transformation scheme of automatic magnetic material press

2.The machine composition:

1: Host:
(1) High-precision guide rail frame type, equipped with main cylinder, lower cylinder, liquid filling device, upper limit device
Lower limit device, etc. The work surface is wide, and various types of molds can be installed.
(2) Both upper and lower oil cylinders adopt integral forging cylinders.
(3) The piston rod of the machine cylinder is hard chrome plated after surface heat treatment.
2: Hydraulic system:
(1) Using an imported proportional control system, the pressing speed can be steplessly controlled at multiple points according to the dewatering performance of the slurry and the characteristics of the pressed product, which improves the dynamic characteristics of pressure conversion during the pressing process and ensures the stability and stability of the pressing speed. Suppress pressure uniformity.
(2) The combination of high and low pressure oil pumps is used to supply oil, and the oil source is rationally distributed according to the pressing process to reduce the side effects of system heating and excess oil source.
(3) Adopt plate type integrated oil circuit system, which reduces leakage and facilitates adjustment and maintenance.
(4) The pressing force, ejection force (floating pressure of lower cylinder), injection force, mold release protection force, etc. are all steplessly adjustable.
(5) It has general demolding and protective demolding functions.
(6) A safety valve is installed to pull down the mold.
(7) Centralized oil return, equipped with cooling device. Make sure the machine is working at normal temperature.
3: Electric control system:
(1) Adopt internationally popular AI artificial intelligence control technology.
(2) Centralized control using PLC programmable controller
(3) The man-machine interface touch screen is used for various technological actions and parameter setting and adjustment. (Including: clamping pressure, holding pressure, pressing speed, closing delay, injection delay, holding pressure delay, pressure unloading delay, demagnetization delay, demolding method, mold cavity height, process curve, alarm display, Press working status display, fault instructions, operating instructions, etc.)
(4) The position device is controlled by a displacement sensor, which can automatically detect the stroke of the lower cylinder, and can accurately adjust the mold cavity and monitor the pressing process on the man-machine interface.
(5) The main components such as PLC programmable controller and man-machine interface are all imported parts.
4. Magnetizing wire package: stainless steel outer cover, water cooling, 500A high current, 50000A turns.
5. Material injection and mixing water absorption device: It is composed of injection cylinder, injection valve, mixing barrel, vacuum pump, gas storage tank, etc., and the whole set of devices is assembled in one piece. The hydraulic control injection valve and the composite injection cylinder adopt the latest design structure to achieve high sealing performance and low water content of the slurry, thereby reducing equipment maintenance and improving production efficiency.
6. Process action: There are two process action modes, manual and semi-automatic cycle. The manual adjustment action is to press the corresponding button to get the corresponding process action, which is used to adjust the machine or install the mold. The semi-automatic operation is to press the two-hand buttons, and the machine automatically completes a process cycle. The semi-automatic protection demoulding and pressing cycle is as follows: lower cylinder ejection-slide fast down-slide slow down-mold clamping-automatic injection-speed 1 compression-speed 2 compression-speed 3 compression-speed 4 compression-pressure holding (automatic Suction)-pressure relief (demagnetization)-lower cylinder retreat-upper cylinder return-take blank, clean mold.
3. Introduction to the electro-hydraulic proportional control system of the magnetic material press
(1) Oil source control: The oil source is equipped with a plunger pump with a displacement of 10ml/r and a displacement of
The 40ml/r vane pump is composed of a combination of low and large flow and high pressure and small flow, and is driven by a 7.5KW three-phase four-stage motor at the same time. The output pressure of different process stages is controlled by the proportional relief valve according to the program, adapting to different working conditions.
(2) Upper mold cylinder control: The combination of a liquid filling valve and a proportional directional valve can form fast forward, slow forward, work forward and fast forward return. The proportional relief valve can control the rodless cavity to release the pressure smoothly, and avoid the pressure shock caused by the pressure release of the switch mode to cause the workpiece to crack. The other proportional valve controls the back pressure of the lower cavity of the upper mold cylinder, and cooperates with the fast forward, slow forward, and work advance procedures to balance the movement of the upper mold and improve the processing quality of the workpiece.
(3) Lower mold cylinder control. Through the proportional directional valve program control, different speeds are formed to meet the process requirements of fast up, fast down, floating pressing and demolding. The safety valve protects the lower mold from forced external force damage.
(4) The core mold cylinder is controlled by another proportional directional valve program control, which can form different speeds to meet the requirements of fast up, fast down and core mold ejection. The safety valve protects the core mold from forced external force damage.
The above-mentioned proportional element can be adjusted by proportional ramp time to control the speed and pressure switching transition time of each process. The hydraulic cylinder moves smoothly, the system pressure impact is small, and the load is stable, which is beneficial to the pressing of the workpiece.


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