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High precision servo hydraulic press

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Blank punching and shaping of various aluminum and magnesium alloy die-casting products, trimming of plastic products; also suitable for forming plastic materials such as blanking, stretching, embossing, etc., and pressing of plastic and powder products, etc. Kind of uses. The most widely used in the automobile and motorcycle accessories industry;
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It is mainly suitable for high-speed cold extrusion molding, warm extrusion molding, punching, blanking, embossing, shallow stretching, shaping, compounding, trimming, etc. of metal materials.

Typical products such as automobile, motorcycle parts, various special-shaped gears, coupling shafts, motor and electrical parts processing.

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The worktable has high guiding precision, good rigidity, strong resistance to lateral force, and is suitable for suppressing asymmetric products. The cylinder adopts integral forging and precision grinding, which is reliable to use under high pressure.
The guide column and piston are made of alloy steel, and the surface is hard plated after high-frequency treatment, with good wear resistance. Adopt the latest DAS seals, with low frictional resistance, less internal leakage, and good pressure holding effect. Double pumps and double motors can be switched at will, energy saving and high efficiency, and a wide range of applications.
The main valves and electrical components adopt Japanese, American and European brands. The cartridge valve oil circuit is adopted, which has large flow rate, small reversing impact, small internal leakage and high reliability. A variety of safety measures to prevent the master cylinder from sliding down, higher safety.

1. Energy saving and emission reduction:

Hydraulic and electronic control adopts intelligent servo energy-saving system, which saves electricity by 50%-70%.

2. Safe and precise:

Each machine is equipped with an infrared safety grating to effectively protect the operator, servo intelligent patent control, to ensure that the machine repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±0.03mm, and the pressure error is ±1%.

3. Low failure rate:

The servo intelligent patented control system does not do wasteful work, the oil temperature is not easy to rise, and there is no negative pressure in the oil circuit system, which greatly reduces the faults and prolongs the service life of the hydraulic components. The electrical appliances are equipped with automatic fault alarms and one-key reset functions.

4.Stable and durable:

The frame adopts the frame structure of the whole machine, and the sliding block adopts precision guide rail to run. It is shockproof and anti-side pressure. The whole machine is stable, precise and durable. It is suitable for blanking, forming, extrusion and other technological purposes.

5. Convenient maintenance:

The whole machine is designed into a modular structure according to different functional modes, and it is easy to disassemble and assemble. General faults can be directly viewed through the touch screen, which is easy to maintain.

The die-casting punching machine adopts a four-column three-plate frame structure and an advanced hydraulic circuit of the mother and child cylinders. The noise, speed, and power consumption are better than ordinary hydraulic punches. It is a new type of high efficiency, high speed, high output, and high environmental protection. This machine is the most widely used in die casting industry.



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