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Steel back forming hydraulic press

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Blank punching and shaping of various aluminum and magnesium alloy die-casting products, trimming of plastic products; also suitable for forming plastic materials such as blanking, stretching, embossing, etc., and pressing of plastic and powder products, etc. Kind of uses. The most widely used in the automobile and motorcycle accessories industry;

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Technical Data

1. Equipment usage

The BZ17GB series punching machine is mainly used in the automotive steel backing and shaping process. It can complete multiple processes such as fine-blanking, shaping, flattening, and bean pressing at one time, which greatly saves manpower and material resources, reduces the number of equipment and also saves The site improves production efficiency, thereby greatly reducing production costs.

2. The mechanism and performance of the press

The four-column structure of the punching machine, the whole machine is optimized by computer design, focusing on the overall performance of the punching machine and the unique product design style of practicality, durability, high rigidity and high reliability.

(1) Mechanical part

1) The stamping machine is mainly composed of three parts: mechanical structure, hydraulic transmission, and electrical control.
2) Body: meet rigidity to ensure accuracy.
3) Punching machine: The cylinder body and piston rod of the cylinder should be made of high-quality materials, and the piston rod of the main cylinder should be made of high-strength forgings. The hardness of the guide part is about HRC50~55°, so as to prevent slight leakage caused by scratches on the surface of the piston rod. Phenomenon, the piston rod of the sump must be quenched and tempered, the surface is plated with hard chrome, and the depth of chrome plating is not less than 0.03mm. The main seal of the oil cylinder adopts a new type of U-shaped sealing ring with low friction resistance and imported high pressure resistance. The movement of the piston rod is guided by a non-metallic wear-resistant ring to avoid cylinder pulling caused by metal contact.

(2) Hydraulic part

1) The hydraulic transmission system consists of energy conversion devices (including cylinders, motors, pumps, etc.), energy adjustment control devices (including control valve manifolds, pilot valves, filling systems, various pressure valves, directional valves, flow valves, etc.), Auxiliary devices (including fuel tanks, cooling systems, circulating filter systems, pipelines) and hydraulic accessories (such as oil filters, flanges, joints, pressure gauges, level gauge pressure gauges, oil filters, pipelines, etc.), with the help of electrical The control of the system completes the cycle of various actions.
2) The main pump adopts high-quality components, which improves the reliability of the press action, prolongs the service life, and reduces the impact of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic pipeline is reasonably arranged with shock-absorbing pipe clamps to ensure that there is no impact, vibration, and impact on the hydraulic circuit. , Connect with high pressure hose.
3) The main integrated oil circuit control system adopts a cartridge valve system, which has a compact structure, sensitive and reliable action, strong anti-pollution ability, low fluid flow resistance, convenient maintenance and long life. The hydraulic oil cooling system adopts a water-cooled cooler, which can control the oil temperature within the normal use oil temperature, alleviating leakage and aging caused by excessive oil temperature.

(3) Electrical part

1) Electrical design and construction shall be implemented in accordance with national standards. The power supply is 380V, 50HZ; the control power supply is 220V, the pilot solenoid valve power supply is DC 24V, and the indicator power supply is 24V.
2) There is an independent electrical control box. The electrical control system uses PLC as the main control, combined with related pilot-guided cartridge valves to complete the centralized control of the entire system, which can complete the button centralized operation of all the functions of the entire machine, ensuring the reliability of the action and the reliability of the system.
3) Power part: Control the start and stop of the main power supply and each motor, protection switch and leakage protector. The starting of the electric motor adopts the step-down starting method, and the electric control cabinet is equipped with ventilation and ventilation facilities.
4) Control part: Centralized control with electric control box, touch industrial display screen is installed above the control panel, which is equipped with operation buttons, selection switches, some parameter settings, fault query, which can complete various functions of the press . And can grasp the working condition of the press at any time.
5) The semi-automatic working mode is composed of two-handed buttons with emergency stop buttons, power supply instructions and necessary buttons to complete the centralized control of the whole machine.


3. Press operation mode:

(1) Adjustment method
1) Press the corresponding button of the machine to produce the corresponding action, and the hand release stops. This action is not fast.

(2) Automatic action

1) The automatic action of the four-cylinder press: automatic start-fast down of the main cylinder-middle down of the main cylinder-slow down of the main cylinder-position of the upper retreat cylinder-action of the upper center cylinder-retreat of the upper center cylinder- -Master cylinder slow down position to-Master cylinder return-lower master cylinder rise-lower center cylinder rise-lower center cylinder retreat-lower master cylinder return.

Main components

Serial number Name Manufacturer
Main oil pump Shaoyang
Two-way cartridge valve integrated system Jining Taifeng or Taiwan Jiugang
HMI Kunlun Tongtai
Motor Jiang Chen
Master cylinder seal
Main electrical components Schneider Electric or Omron
Other electrical components Chint Electric and Delixi
Proximity switch Guangzhou Tianzheng
Pressure switch Lex
Solenoid valve Taiwan Dongfeng or Northern Taiwan
Filling valve East China
Cylinder self made
Proportional valve Kili or Dongfeng

4. Equipment safety protection measures

1) The equipment is equipped with photoelectric safety protection device
2) The hydraulic system is equipped with an overload protection device, when the oil pressure exceeds the set value (adjustable), it will automatically overflow and drain the oil. To ensure that the system pressure will not exceed the system's capacity.
3) The slider can be stationary at any position. Also known as hydraulic support insurance system. The supporting force can be adjusted reasonably with the size of the mold.
4) There are separate static and red mushroom emergency stop buttons on the console. When an abnormality occurs, press the "Stop" button, the press will stop working, and press the "Emergency stop" button, including the motor.

Five, equipment working environment

1) Equipment working area temperature: 0℃~40℃.
2) The power supply voltage is 380V (±10%) three-phase five-wire system, 50HZ.
3) The hydraulic system uses medium: 68# anti-wear hydraulic oil.
4) Use oil temperature 10~50℃ (reliable cooler to cool down).



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