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Fast fine blanking machine

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Blank punching and shaping of various aluminum and magnesium alloy die-casting products, trimming of plastic products; also suitable for forming plastic materials such as blanking, stretching, embossing, etc., and pressing of plastic and powder products, etc. Kind of uses. The most widely used in the automobile and motorcycle accessories industry;

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Sequence of actions:

The main cylinder goes down quickly → the main cylinder slowly compresses → the main cylinder maintains pressure → the main cylinder quickly returns.

Production process and standards:

1. The main body of this four-column hydraulic machine is a three-beam and four-column structure, consisting of a shell, a main cylinder, and a motor. The shell is composed of upper beam, sliding block, worktable, upright column, adjusting nut and locking nut. The worktable is inserted into a steel plate welded or solid A3 steel structure, and the welded structure is continuously processed to effectively eliminate internal stress.
2. The main cylinder of this machine adopts a piston structure. The cylinder body and piston rod are made of 45# forged steel or ductile iron. The surface of the piston rod is subjected to intermediate frequency quenching and then plated with hard chromium. The surface hardness reaches HRC45~55. The main cylinder seals Imported materials are used, with reliable sealing and long service life.
3. The position of the slider is determined by the stroke and can be adjusted arbitrarily within the stroke.
4. The column guide is treated with high-precision coating.
2. Standards for the implementation of equipment design, manufacturing, and acceptance
1. The hydraulic press is designed and manufactured in accordance with JB3818-1999 "Technical Conditions of Hydraulic Press".
2. The safety of hydraulic presses shall be in accordance with JB3915-85 "Safety Technical Conditions for Hydraulic Presses".
3. The hydraulic system complies with GB3766-83 <<General Technical Conditions for Hydraulic System>>.
Three, electrical control system:
The power supply of this machine adopts coaxial four-wire system, voltage 380V, 50HZ, control circuit is AC 220V, indicator circuit is 6.3V, solenoid valve control voltage is AC 220V.
1. This machine is equipped with a dedicated electrical box, which is installed on the floor of the workshop, and the distance from the host room can be requested by the buyer.
2. Set a button box, which can complete the functions of "hands pressing" and "emergency stop".
3. The electrical appliances adopt PLC integrated control.
4. Major accessory brands:
 1), Relay-Omron.
2), Valve-Taiwan Jiuoka.
3) Motor-Jiangmen Jinling.
4) Oil pump-Shaoyang, Hunan.
5), AC contactor: Schneider.
6), seal: Japan hair card.
7), PLC: Delta.
Fourth, the press operation mode:
1. Operation mode: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic operation modes.
2. Control mode: two kinds of constant pressure suppression and constant process suppression.
3. The position of the slider stroke is determined by the proximity switch.
4. The working pressure of the liquid is controlled by an overflow valve and an electric contact pressure gauge, and the system pressure can be precisely adjusted on the pressure gauge. The pressing tonnage accuracy is less than 1T.


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